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     Cinistream is a smart, new streaming service developed specifically to help independent filmmakers connect with audiences across the United States and around the globe. Our platform is a convenient and professional service built by filmmakers for filmmakers to distribute short, medium, and feature length films. We accept applications for any film over three (3) minutes in length.

     We have partnered with talented filmmakers from all over the United States and the United Kingdom, and are looking to partner with many more from all around the world as Cinistream grows! We love diverse content from diverse creators who can bring cinematic stories of any type to life for their audiences.

     Our central value for both filmmakers and audiences is the power of choice. Filmmakers can apply for free, films are not exclusive to our service (unless by special arrangement), and we have made the whole process as streamlined and clear cut as possible. Audiences are free to choose how they interact with films; free with commercials comparable to television, by Pay-Per-View or with an inexpensive ad free and unlimited subscription!

     We currently are offering a free 2 month premium subscription to anyone who pre-registers at  Access is available immediately upon Cinistream’s launch later this year.

For filmmakers who are looking to distribute their short, medium or feature length films, our easy application and information page can be found at

For more information about submitting your film, please contact [email protected]

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